Gaveen Prabhasara

Project Mayavee

· Gaveen Prabhasara

Mayavee is a humble little idea that—driven by its values—smaller-scale research with a practical approach can effect meaningful improvements.

Mayavee both encompasses ideas to explore and the values to explore them with. The inspiration behind Mayavee is that positive impact may come from the most humble of circumstances.

In addition, I rely on Mayavee Values as my guiding values whenever I create a new project venture that I feel worthy of exploration.


  • Integrity
    We will be honest. We will not compromise on integrity.

  • Decency
    We will treat all with dignity and decency. We will neither do evil nor benefit from the harm or suffering of others.

  • Responsibility
    We will be responsible participants in society and the environment.

  • Inclusivity
    We will believe in openness of technology, access to technology, and community collaboration.

  • Excellence
    We will work towards mindful excellence in what we do. We will aim to deliver good experiences in all aspects, including technology.