Gaveen Prabhasara

My Setup: Text Editor

· Gaveen Prabhasara

In the future, I might keep an up-to-date page here explaining my text editor configuration (including plugin selection), both for posterity and as a hopefully helpful source of information.


Vim has been my preferred text editor for a long time. Since there is already a reasonably detailed blog post, I’ll point to it until there is a significant change.


I use Obsidian extensively as my notes application. While I don’t consider any software as my core utility unless it’s open source, Obsidian is the exception to that rule. This is because, even if I stop using Obsidian today, all my notes are still available as plain Markdown files.

I used different plugins for different vaults. However, figuring out my notes system without making it an additional overhead took some work. Therefore, I hope to document it briefly (soon).


Helix is an alternative text editor I’m trying for the command line. It’s a fast, modern text editor written in Rust. Since it comes with batteries and a familiar default keybinding, I’m trying to see if it can cover most of the things I use Visual Studio Code for. If I have anything to track, I’ll mention it here in due time.