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I’m Gaveen Prabhasara de Silva, a sysadmin, programming language tourist, and petty dabbler of the written word. Some people know me as a technologist, some as a poet/writer, some as an artist, and some as a tinkerer—all valid aspects of my life. I am also neurodivergent and a father.

My areas of interest include systems engineering, writing, music, craftsmanship/DIY, open source, science/technology, anime, mycology, and cooking—among other things. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at them, just that I’m interested in them. It also doesn’t mean my interest in something is for its conventional usage. For instance, I’m fascinated by all sorts of polearms, even though I’m a pacifist. I like making all kinds of mechanical keyboards but only like using ergonomic builds. But I digress.

My elevator pitch—for those looking for one—is that I am a results-driven engineering manager with 10+ years of experience leading cross-functional teams to deliver complex projects from web applications to data center infrastructure.

In the past ten years, I helped my current employer build and operate a TIA 942 and ISO 27001 certified, high density, and service provider agnostic commercial tier-3 data center—a first in Sri Lanka in many categories. I was the project coordinator of this initiative since its inception, later becoming the first employee and currently managing its engineering operations. I was also the project owner for several critical projects like data center networking, IT systems, and ISO certification—while managing IT operations, compliance, pre-sales engineering, product innovation, and service provider/partner relationships functions.

I picked up Linux more than twenty years ago. Since then, I’ve helped companies ranging from startups to multi-national telcos run Linux systems and IT infrastructure (and later cloud infrastructure) for almost that long. I believe in life-long learning and open collaboration for the common good.

If you have comments about my blog posts or want to say hi, please feel free to Email.

Last updated on: February 2, 2024