Obviously, not many people contact me asking things about this blog. So, I’m placing these fabricated questions here to tell you a little more about a few things.


Are there more navigation options?

Yes. Currently, site content is organized into main categories while each post may have tags.


Can I subscribe only to a section of this blog?

Yes. Each of the categories and tags will have its own feed. Just append an ‘index.xml’ to the URL to get the relevant feed URL. For example, if you want to subscribe only to posts with #devops tag, you can do so.


What is your full name?

Gaveen Prabhasara de Silva.

Being Sri Lankan, there are obviously more parts to my name, but this fits well enough into first/middle/last-name convention. Besides, do you need even more hard-to-pronounce names in your life?


How was this site made?

This blog is currently built as a static site using Hugo and hosted on GitHub Pages. Current theme in use is a slightly modified version of Hello Friend NG by Djordje Atlialp.


Where was this site hosted before?

This site was hosted on Medium (2017-2018) and Svbtle (2019) services respectively before finally being moved to GitHub Pages. Therefore, published dates and times of older posts have been updated to 2019.


Why was it moved away from previous services?

I didn’t like the direction Medium was taking, which is why I first moved to Svbtle. If you want minimalist features and a blogging service which gets out of your way, I still can recommend Svbtle. I needed just a little more customization than what Svbtle offered, hence here we are.