I am a poet, and that much I can say without the uncertainty I allude in the current bio section of this blog which reads “SysAdmin, Programming Language Tourist, and Petty Dabbler of the Written Word”, or my first post here.

My work as a poet, or a writer is mainly to write. But, I write mainly for the sheer joy of reading it back, in every way I get to. Let me explain that a little bit.

Once I have something written and shared, it is yours to read, mine too. When you read it, if you think what I wrote is profoundly about a fat lady dancing like an angel on a tight rope over the Grand Canyon while wearing a pygmy hippopotamus as her head wear, then, it is about that too.

In short, I do not think poetry has an intrinsic nature as poetry without the reader. At least, this is my current level of understanding. I, like many before me, have thought long, hard, and often enough about this. And, I am yet to convince myself that a poem has a “poetic nature” sans its reader/experience. Therefore, naturally I like to consider the reader as part of the poetry itself.

So, you do not have to ask me what any of my poems mean. There might have been a particular way, or many ways I read it. Those may or may not have been what I thought about the poem while I was writing it. It could be metapoetry, it could be about antidisestablishmentarianism or, it could be about love, or political oppression, or other things. But, let me not hold you back.

Let me not hold you from reading the way you could or want, or limit your freedom of experiencing it your own way. You may find meaning, or unmeaning, or non-meaning, or simply none. Would it not be be great to let it be, whatever it will be every time you read it?