Gaveen Prabhasara

Here we go

· Gaveen Prabhasara

Where should I begin? Is this on?

Hello there! Welcome, fellow human beings, and any others reading. This is presumably Gaveen, and—despite all my efforts—you have found my blog. If this is the choice of Steins;Gate, who am I to complain.

There are no grand introductions here nor any roadmaps to unveil—just a realization to be had. The realization that I may have moved my blog again. There is, however, a simple promise to write when I can and enjoy the promise of writing.

To say the least, I write because I enjoy writing. Even more, I write for the joy of reading it afterward and enjoying it in the ever so slightly different way I possibly can. The trick is to have someone else along for the ride, which would make things far better. Hopefully, this is where you come in.

So, here we go, fellow traveler. One part of my journey is over and behind me. And this, here, is something fresh, I hope. Let us be on the way.