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SysAdmin, Programming Language Tourist, and Petty Dabbler of the Written Word

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Paying for the free services

You may be already tired of hearing this, or at the least, you must have heard a variation of this—"if something is free, you may be the price paid". While I think this is cynical, I cannot disagree that it holds up true in many things we happily consume today.

Like it or not, we are in an era of transition—specially when it comes to the way we think about privacy. For the most part, we have been complacent in selling our privacy in exchange of some conveniences. We are complacent enough to let Google track our every movement, as long as it can give us turn-by-turn directions with live traffic updates. We are complacent enough to let Amazon listen to us in our homes, as long as it can order things for us. We are complacent enough to let Apple deny customers full-ownership of the products they already paid for, as long as we get shiny new gadgets to carry around. We are complacent enough...

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What is the meaning of that poem?

I am a poet, and that much I can say without the uncertainty I allude in the current bio section of this blog which reads “SysAdmin, Programming Language Tourist, and Petty Dabbler of the Written Word”, or my first post here.

My work as a poet, or a writer is mainly to write. But, I write mainly for the sheer joy of reading it back, in every way I get to. Let me explain that a little bit.

Once I have something written and shared, it is yours to read, mine too. When you read it, if you think what I wrote is profoundly about a fat lady dancing like an angel on a tight rope over the Grand Canyon while wearing a pygmy hippopotamus as her head wear, then, it is about that too.

In short, I do not think poetry has an intrinsic nature as poetry without the reader. At least, this is my current level of understanding. I, like many before me, have thought long, hard, and often enough about this...

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Here we go

Where should I begin? Is this on?

Hello there! Welcome, fellow human being, and of course, any other that is reading. This is presumably Gaveen, and—despite all my efforts—you have found my blog. If this is the will of Steins;Gate, who am I to complain!

There are no grand introductions here, nor any road maps to unveil—just the simple realization to be had that I may have moved my blog yet another time. There is however, a simple promise to write when I can, and a promise to enjoy the promise of writing.

To say the least, I write because I enjoy writing. Even more, I write for the joy of reading it afterwards and enjoying it in the ever so slightly different way I possibly can. The trick is to have someone else along for the ride, which would make things far better. Hopefully, this is where you come in.

So, here we go, fellow traveller. One part of my journey is over and behind me...

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